Thursday, April 02, 2015

Still Here!

We are still here!  Life has been truly busy and crazy, but all for the good.  Blogging has taken a back seat as you can see.  We are doing so well.  Daddy has a healthy strong kidney that is functioning great.  The transplant was on November 14 and went as beautifully as it could have.  It took many weeks post transplant to get his levels where the doctor wanted them to be.  There was a 5 day hospital stay after he got sick and daily one hour drives to and from the hospital.  We look back and have no idea how we got through that but we did.  In all honesty we know how we got through it.  With the perseverance given to us by Christ.  He surrounded us with people who literally jumped in to help us with the girls, travel, encouragement, and so much love.  

Daddy is now visiting the Nephrologist at the transplant center every 6 weeks and going in every other week to our local hospital for labs.  The med list is decreasing a bit at a time.  We are just blown away at how the new kidney is working.  Daddy has to drink 4L of fluid a day and right now the best thing for him is Power-ade which is 4 big bottles/day or 28 bottles/week.  I don't even think about how much money we give to Power-ade each week!  It's worth it.

Daddy's brother is doing marvelous and recovered very well.  The recovery immediately post surgery was harder for him though.  He got out of the hospital after just two days and Daddy was in for just 3 days!  It was such an amazing and life changing experience.  

Right before surgery in our Team Flick shirts

 The brothers together right before Daddy's brother headed to surgery.  
Daddy headed back about an hour after him.

 Up walking down the hall the day after the transplant!

 Special visitors coming to see Daddy!

 Daddy and I went to visit his brother for a bit the day after surgery on a different floor of the hospital.

The girls came to visit Daddy when he was admitted for another 5 day stay after getting sick.
On January 8, we did receive some bad news.  Daddy had been having some blurry peripheral vision but we accounted it to stress and needing new glasses.  He saw an eye doctor who thought he needed to have an MRI done.  The MRI showed that he has a tumor on his pituitary gland.  The tumor is pressing against his optic nerve causing the blurry vision.  Needless to say the transplant surgeon was not at all pleased as his immune system is so suppressed now and this means another surgery.  

We have met with a neurosurgeon who knows our transplant surgeon.  He agreed that we can wait at least 6 months post transplant for the brain surgery.  We are looking at the end of May.  At our next appointment in mid-April, we will get the surgery on the calendar.  Thankfully they will be able to in through Daddy's nasal passage to remove the tumor.  Our endocrinologist said if the tumor was any bigger this would not be possible.
You can see the tumor in the above picture, where the arrow is.  It is the peanut shaped mass.  It has completely covered the pituitary gland.  This means that it might have destroyed the pituitary gland or it will when it is removed.  That also explains why Daddy has constant dull headaches.  That MRI picture absolutely amazes me.  What a detailed and amazing creator we have!  

We are plugging away.  I am working at a local preschool and just was promoted to teacher this past January.  It is amazing.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching preschool.  It just blesses me each day I am there.  I mean, where else can you rock out Dr. Seuss week!

Silly Sock Day for Fox in Socks

Me and my sweet new assistant as Thing 1 and Thing 2

I also am on staff at our amazing church.  I am the Director of Early Childhood Ministries.  I run the programming for infants - preschool aged children.  Again, love this one!  I never ever dread going to work and don't even think of it as work.  

Daddy was just hired for a part-time gig in the Library Technologies department at IU.  He is doing user experience research and design and handling the marketing and communications for Avalon Media Systems.  This is a position that the department received a grant for and will go through August.  By that time, he should be a new man and very healthy and ready to jump into a full time position.  

The girls are doing great!  Here are some pics from the past few months of them.  I'm hoping I can actually catch myself up on the months I've missed but we shall see.

Peanut received a silver medal in her school's reading program!  
She worked her tail off for that.

We partook in some great winter weather finally after a very mild winter.  
We got nailed which made for some very happy girls.

This is a brief catch-up of what has happened since the last trick-or-treating post!

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