Friday, April 03, 2015

Spring Break

 Spring break was a couple of weeks ago for us.  Daddy had just been hired and had to start his new position at IU that week so the girls and I went on a quick road trip to Gigi's house.  We hadn't been up since early fall so it was much needed.  We caught up with a few friends and family.  I always wish I could see more people but there just isn't time.  We had a really good stay though  

The girls made a birdhouse with Gigi.  Peanut had started making a chair for her dolls the last time we were at Gigi's.  She seems to have a thing for woodworking.

We had to join Gigi for his weekly visit to Meijer to have coffee and donuts with friends.  The girls always want to ride the penny horse!  

We spent some time looking through Mimi's jewelery box which made the girls' day.  They had fun playing with Mimi's clip-on earrings and chose some to bring back home.  I'm sure Mimi was smiling from Heaven!

 We had lunch with a very dear friend and her precious daughter one afternoon.  The girls LOVED hanging out with this little girl and I think the feeling was mutual.  

 We headed back home on Thursday because I had to spend some time at work on Friday catching up for the upcoming week.  I did sneak the girls off to see the new Cinderella movie though.  They dressed up in their princess clothes which was a hit for everyone else.  The movie was fantastic, so beautiful!
Spring break flew by as it always does but we made good memories and had a lot of fun!

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