Thursday, April 02, 2015

Special Pics from Transplant Days

What a great relief to have this on the calendar finally!
The last time we saw our local Nephrologist and dialysis nurse before the transplant. 
We hope to be back with our local doctor within the year.

Heading off to get a CVC three days before the transplant.

That's a lot of blood draws...3 days before transplant.

First plasmapherisis treatment 3 days before transplant.  
This was to help the body not to reject kidney and to lower chance of disease returning.

Daddy's brother had testing to do also prior to the surgery.
 Last shot I hope I ever have to give Daddy.
 Day before the transplant....nerves and anxiety were running high.
 We were blessed to be able to stay with friends near the hospital the night before surgery.  
This was the LAST time setting up that life giving dialysis machine!

Heading to surgery!  
He was in God's hands!

 My dear friend kept the girls for me while we were in the hospital.  
They came to visit after hearing Daddy and their uncle made it through surgery beautifully!

 "As I was waking up from surgery, I could feel the exhaustion just leave my body."
 Hours after surgery, he got out of bed and took a few steps to the scale to be weighed.

 The next day he had some very happy visitors!

The guys' sister and parents came to be with us during transplant.

Gigi and D came to see us too!

Two days post transplant Daddy's brother got the all clear to head home!

Off the liquid diet and on to his first real meal since the night before surgery.

Three days post transplant we get the all clear to go home!

Daddy's home!

Peanut got the flu during the night of Thanksgiving so Daddy stayed with a friend for a few days but unfortunately he got a touch of something and had to be admitted back in the hospital for 5 days.

We visited and face timed with Daddy!

We had some VERY special visitors during this stay too!  
Daddy's best friends from high school and my very dear friends came to see us while they were visiting family.

The doctor decided to put an IV port in Daddy's chest which is still there since he was getting IV 
fluids daily

We finally made it to the "Being careful out in public" point.  
This met a quick lunch date at Five Guys after a visit to the hospital.
It was wonderful to be somewhere together other than our apartment or the hospital. 
Normal life was slowly returning!

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