Saturday, April 04, 2015

Pumpkin's 6th Birthday

Pumpkin LOVES playing with Barbie dolls.  She has quite a collection of Barbie paraphernalia filling up the girls' bedroom.  She will spend an hour playing Barbie by herself.  She loves to dress them and do their hair.  I usually find the jar of hair ties and bows dumped out and mixed up with all of the Barbie stuff.  One day when we were playing together, she said, "Mommy, do you know why I love Barbie so much?  Because I love fashion!"  

So when we saw that Mattel was introducing a new Barbie superhero doll, we knew what Pumpkin's upcoming birthday theme would be....SUPER HEROES!  I had quite a bit of fun scouring Pinterest for ideas for her party.  It came together well and quickly.  I like that!

Following are the decorations that I made for the party.

Peanut made the white sign to hang also.  I love that it says, "Sooper Millie!"  If you look closely you will see that her superhero has long dangly earrings too.  

Again I made the birthday cake.  This alway is my way of bringing Mimi's spirit to my girls' birthday.  She always made my birthday cakes when I was a little girl and decorated cakes for many others.  I remember cakes all over our kitchen while they cooled and she decorated away!  

Every superhero needs a cape and I wavered back and forth on making capes.  I didn't want to get into a huge project then I stumbled on this new, cheap fabric at Hobby Lobby and for the life of me I can't remember what it was called.  It's very similar to what the new fabric shopping bags are made out of.  I was able to just cut out cape shapes and not have to worry about it fraying.  I cut the lightning bolts and initials out of felt and glued them on.  The only issue that we had was using stick-on velcro.  I should have hot glued the velcro on or sewed it on.  I could have made those pieces longer and just let the kids tie the cape on too.  I am so happy I went ahead and made the capes.  They were so cute!

When the kiddos arrived, they decorated their own cardstock superhero mask that we tied elastic onto so they could wear them.  I happened on these from a friend who was getting rid of them.  They were PERFECT!

We play pin the mask on Super Amelia.

We also played Stoneface because superheroes need to keep a stone face when they are up against the villains.  This was just like "Honey, If You Love Me, You'll Smile."  I wasn't sure how well it would go over, but they had so much fun playing it!
For our snack we had Kryptonite Jello, Veggies for Super Human Strength, Fruit for X-ray Vision, "POP!"corn, and "Wonder"ade to drink.  

We had so much fun celebrating with these awesome kids!  
Pumpkin is blessed with some great friends!

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