Thursday, April 02, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas this past season was so busy and crazy as we were in the thick of driving an hour to the hospital and an hour home everyday so Daddy's levels could be checked.  He was always in need of some kind of IV fluid so our mornings and afternoons were at the hospital. 

Fred, our elf was so gracious though and came back.  This little elf gave the girls so many giggles and fun mornings to see what he had done overnight.  He's a pretty silly elf!

We went to a fun Holiday Farmer's Market.  The girls met up with some friends and met three very special people...wait two special people, Anna and Elsa from Frozen and their snowman friend, Olaf.

We had to do our annual Polar Express.  It seemed like every night after  Thanksgiving the girls would ask, "Is this the night we'll go to bed, then you'll come wake us up to go look at Christmas lights with hot cocoa?"  It has become part of our tradition and they love it.

We went to the annual Pajamborie downtown and met Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  I'm pretty sure they are the real deal, myself!

I took the girls to their first Nutcracker.  We got all dressed up and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was just beautiful!

The lighting of downtown has also become an annual tradition.

The girls and I at church for our Christmas service.  Daddy wasn't able to come to church for many weeks as he was at high risk for getting sick.  He had to stay away from large crowds.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas morning, this is what we came down the stairs to find!  There were squeals of delight and joyous laughter.

Daddy got a cool pour over coffee maker that he was obviously very excited about.

And that's that!  What a delightful mess full of many fun things to do.

Queen Elsa came to help me make Christmas dinner.
We had some very special guests come visit us on Christmas Day.  They were rather tired from their journey.  We were so glad they came to spend the day with us!

We had a wonderful Christmas with much to be thankful for!  

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