Thursday, April 02, 2015

Art School

The girls took art classes during the fall semester at IU's Saturday Art School.  They LOVED it.  That is actually an understatement.  I was a bit worried that their only morning to sleep in would cause them to not want to get up and go to it but they were always eager to get to class.  At the end of the semester they put all of the creations on display and have an art show.  These pics are from that morning.

Their teachers, who are IU graduate students were fantastic.  They knew we were going through a difficult time with the transplant and made the girls feel so special and cared for.  At the art show a few got emotional when they told me how special Peanut and Pumpkin were.  One said she had never seen sisters who cared for each other as much as they two.  Wow!

This is Pumpkin with her paper mache mask in the display case.

Peanut with her comic strip in the case.

 They got to make their own pottery that was fired then painted.  
Pumpkin made a piggy bank and Peanut made a large and small nest.

 Peanut's "Fishy"

 Pumpkin's comic strip:  Notice the princesses and unicorn.  

Another fun story from art class:  One of Peanut's teachers found out she was pregnant during the semester.  She told Peanut that she loved her name so much that if she had a girl, she would be naming the baby after her.  Oh, if you could only imagine the joy that gave Peanut who is a lover of all things baby.  :)

The girls are taking art classes again this semester.  Their last class was this past Saturday.  We will continue doing this as long as they want to.  It's FANTASTIC!

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