Monday, November 03, 2014

Trivia Night Fundraiser

Our church had a fabulous fundraiser for Kev a few weeks ago. 
It was a trivia night which neither Kev or I had ever done before.
The team that put this on did a STELLAR job.
 There was a sheriff and a jail so you could get rid of people who were excelling a little bit too much.  
Our pastor and his beautiful wife even spent some time in the slammer.
There was a great turn-out for the event.
The questions were tough to say the very least.  
 I'd rather not say which team we were on.  
We weren't there to show off our high level of trivia knowledge.
We didn't want to blow the others out of the water.
I will say our pastor was on our team and he has a degree from Yale and Princeton!  ;)

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