Monday, September 22, 2014

Indoor Camping

The girls have been just dying to go camping.  We haven't been able to find a good time to go due to Kev's health and our schedule.  So we did the next best thing over Labor Day.  We set up our small tent in the living room which took up our whole living room because it is just so spacious.  The girls thought this was just the coolest thing ever.  
We roasted hot dogs in the oven and marshmallows over the gas stove top.  Those marshmallows worked perfectly for yummy s'mores.  
Pumpkin really got into me taking her picture.  Can't you tell?
We just keep trying to make these memories with the girls.  
They may not be the memories we thought we'd be making, but they are memories.  
I think they show that we are trying our best to make good come out of a hard situation.  

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