Friday, August 01, 2014

The Newport Aquarium

Last Saturday we headed to Ohio to meet Daddy's sister and her youngest daughter at the Newport Aquarium.  This was part of Peanut's birthday present and a great finale to our summer.  The girls adore this cousin since she is closest in age to them.  That's not true..they really adore all of their cousins.  I'm so very thankful for that!
 We had a ball at the aquarium.  This was the first time for our girls to visit one.  They loved seeing all of the different water animals.  They got to touch starfish, shells, tiger sharks, and tortoises.  Peanut loved the starfish because they felt really cool.  Pumpkin liked the sharks because they were smooth.

Daddy's favorite exhibit was the jelly fish.  We didn't think we'd get him out of that room.  

It was a fabulous day except for a serious head cold that I was fighting pretty intensely.  The girls all had fun and the day ended on cotton candy.  How much better could it have been?  So thankful for these fun memories!

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