Friday, August 01, 2014

A Last Sleep-Over

Peanut got to have one of her closest friends come home with us after her birthday party to have a sleep-over.  This was their final one since this special friend and her family were moving the next day.  There was a lot of Lego building happening the first night.  
The next day we went out for lunch together.
Then a special surprise…How to Train Your Dragon 2!  
We all loved it!
We ended our evening at the lake so the girls could have one last special memory together.  

We had a great time together.  I'm so glad we were able to squeeze so much into our two days with this sweetheart!  I hope it helped her and Peanut make some great memories.  Dropping her off with her parents was hard.  Saying goodbye is never, ever fun.  As we left their house, Peanut just sobbed.  It broke my heart.  We were able to have a really good conversation about following God's plan for our lives even when it is hard and not something we really want to do.  This girl…she's deep.  The conversation helped her to understand why her friend had to move away and trust that God will keep their friendship going.  

We love these people so much and pray that God continues to provide for them and help them transition in their new community and church.  So thankful for having them in our lives!

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