Thursday, August 28, 2014


Peanut told us she wanted to do soccer again this year.  We were so proud of her.  She has played two games so far and is doing a fabulous job.  She keeps hoping for her first goal!  :)

 Pumpkin was not interested in joining soccer and we are fine with that.  We want her to do the things she wants to do.  She is a great cheerleader for Peanut!

The Little Chef

Peanut has been begging to learn how to cook so a few weeks ago I started teaching her how to make some things.  She has always been a great helper in the kitchen but now she wants to do it without much help.  We made breakfast for supper for the family.  She really did a great job and was so proud of the things she had made!

This kid is going to going to go places!!!  

Saturday, August 09, 2014

First Day of School 2014-2015

Two Fridays ago we walked to the school so the girls could meet their teachers and enjoy an ice cream social while catching up with some buddies.  I love how Peanut held Pumpkin's hand on the walk over.    Seeing friends, eating ice cream, meeting new teachers…how can you not feel excited about going back to school?

Then on Monday morning we were up bright and early for a special back to school breakfast.  Cinnamon rolls made on the waffle iron and fruit.  
 New dresses were put on, hair done, and new back packs filled and ready to go.
 Pumpkin was really excited to start school at her big sister's school!  

 You can't forget treats for the teachers on the first day!  
 Here we go!  How did this happen?  Both girls off to school!!!!

 Pumpkin did GREAT when we dropped her off.  We picked up one of her best buddies whose Mommy is a teacher (Peanut's teacher last year) on our walk through the halls.  It always help to have a buddy walk in to class with you.  Pumpkin did find me as I was sorting her school supplies and said, "I'm going to be shy, Mommy."  There were no tears though!  We were so proud of her!!!!
 Oh, these girls!  I love them so much!!!!
 We are keeping these two special gals in our prayers this year as they teach our girls and become role models for them.  We have once again struck the jack pot, I do believe with these teachers.
 There were big grins on these faces at pick-up!  We are so proud of them!!!!
Pumpkin's favorite thing about kindergarten so far is that you can play with blocks.
Peanut's favorite thing about 2nd grade so far is that she gets to have reading.

This first week has been so strange.  I am so used to having Pumpkin with me.  She's my side-kick.  I found myself looking for her when I was at preschool to work or at the store.  It's a strange adjustment. To say that I miss them, that's an understatement.  It's good though.  They are turning into amazing young girls.  I am excited to watch them bloom and grow even more this year.  I do want to keep them little for a lot longer though!


We waited a day to let Peanut open one more present from Dobbie and Papa.  She had friends over for a sleep-over so it was even more exciting to find Caroline an American Girl doll in this package!
Peanut was a little in love with her new doll!
Thank you Dobbie and Papa!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday!

This girl is 8!  I can't believe it.  She is counting down to double digits now.  I'm just trying to slow down time.  We had a low key day for her birthday.  Gigi came to help us celebrate which made her very happy.  She got to have a donut for breakfast and open presents in her pajamas.  

She got a gift card which MADE HER DAY!  We headed to Target later in the day for her to use part of it.  She has had her eye on a camper for her American Girl doll for forever so she knew exactly what she wanted and she got it.  She was over the moon!

 She wanted apple pie for her birthday dessert.  Mama liked that low key, easy peasy idea!

Even Daisy got to come for the celebration which made the girls so happy!
Happy Birthday, Peanut!  We love you so very much!

The Newport Aquarium

Last Saturday we headed to Ohio to meet Daddy's sister and her youngest daughter at the Newport Aquarium.  This was part of Peanut's birthday present and a great finale to our summer.  The girls adore this cousin since she is closest in age to them.  That's not true..they really adore all of their cousins.  I'm so very thankful for that!
 We had a ball at the aquarium.  This was the first time for our girls to visit one.  They loved seeing all of the different water animals.  They got to touch starfish, shells, tiger sharks, and tortoises.  Peanut loved the starfish because they felt really cool.  Pumpkin liked the sharks because they were smooth.

Daddy's favorite exhibit was the jelly fish.  We didn't think we'd get him out of that room.  

It was a fabulous day except for a serious head cold that I was fighting pretty intensely.  The girls all had fun and the day ended on cotton candy.  How much better could it have been?  So thankful for these fun memories!