Thursday, July 10, 2014

Staying at Gigi's

The first big event of the second half of our trip at Gigi's was the Peanut lost her 4th tooth.  We were so happy to find out that the tooth fairy comes to you even if you aren't at home.  
 Peanut was going to give my old mini-bike a try but it wasn't working right so that lesson has been put on hold until a different visit.  

 We spent the 4th of July with Gigi and his sweet friend.  We took in a small town parade in the afternoon.  The girls got to wear these cute little flag shirts I made for them.  

 After the parade Gigi's sweet friend's daughter invited us over so the girls could go for a swim.  They were SLIGHTLY excited about this.  They are fish in and out.

 After the swim, we headed back to sweet Friend's place for a BBQ and homemade ice cream!  YUM! We always feel so welcomed and loved by sweet Friend!  Later in the evening Daddy, the girls, and I headed off to see fireworks.  They were fantastic.

 Peanut had to cover her baby doll's ears so they wouldn't hurt.  Pumpkin slid between Daddy and I's camp chairs and half hid under the blanket.  
 The girls had fun with Gigi and visiting.  They were so ready for this visit.  
Dialysis went super while we were away.  We remembered everything and had no problems!  Whew!  We were both a little worried about everything would go.  

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