Saturday, July 19, 2014

Messy Mania

Tis the season for friends to be moving on.  That's the nature of this town we live in.  It is very transient.  Last week another friend of ours invited us to go to Messy Mania to spend some time before they move.  Of course we had to accept.  We love their sweet little girl who spent a lot of time with us a few years ago when we babysat for her.  

In the process the girls and I also discovered a really awesome park with a very cool updated playground.  We visited this playground when we first moved to town and it was so run down and just not taken care of.  Now it is beautiful.  The girls kept climbing on the equipment and asking, "What am I supposed to do on this?"  That was the point to figure it out for themselves.  Very cool!

 We also took part of Messy Mania put on by our parks and rec department.  Basically it was a morning of very messy activities to do in the great outdoors which meant parents didn't have to worry about the mess in their house!  Awesome!
 Finger painting with chocolate pudding.  YUM!

 Peanut LOVED getting messy and covered with goo in each area.  
Pumpkin stayed neat and clean.  
 Our little friend also had a blast getting covered with all the messy stuff.
So much fun and a beautiful day!

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