Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pumpkin's Week

To say that Pumpkin has soaked up and relished this week on her own would be putting it lightly.  She misses Peanut but she sure has loved having us all to herself.
Monday after spending most of the day with some really good friends and going to VBS, she got to go on a date with Daddy.  They went to the library to see a program all about snakes.  
Daddy said when they got this guy out, Pumpkin crawled up in her lap and was not interested in touching it all.  I'm really glad that I was not a part of this date!
Her request for supper was "the place with the squishy quesadillas."  We are a family full of Mexican food lovers even the girls.  We have a special place downtown that we frequent a lot and is the girls' favorite place to go out to.  
Pumpkin also has been working so hard on pedaling her bike.  She had no interest in the bike last summer.  I think she was so frustrated with it that she just didn't want to work on it.  This week she has become a pedaling queen!  Peanut will be so excited to come home and find out that she is riding her bike now. 

 This morning she and I headed off to Touch-a-Truck 2014.  We have gone to this almost every year since we moved here.  She got to check out so many different types of trucks, cars, and tractors.  Very cool!  Her favorite was the race car!

 Tonight we put her to bed and reminded her that we get to pick Peanut up in the morning and she said, "YEAH!"  She misses her big sister for sure but she has loved getting to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it.  She had a taste of being an only child.  ;)

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