Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last Minute Visitors

Daddy's sister and her girls made a last minute quick visit this past week.  We were thrilled they could come.  The girls were absolutely over the moon to see their cousins and hang out with them for a bit.  I'm so thankful they made the trip.  It was so good for all of us especially Daddy and Peanut!  
 All of the girls made tie-dye shirts which turned out really cute!  This was something on our Summer To-Do list so we can cross that one off now.

The little girls played outside quite a bit of the time. 
 We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty together.  This is one of our new favorite movies so we loved introducing it to them.  
The cousins and their new shirts that turned out really cute!
We needed this visit!  It helped me focus on getting our apartment back in order.  Then the actual visit was just nice and refreshing.  

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