Friday, June 13, 2014

Camp Week

I had the privilege of going out to camp 3 afternoons this week to help with the crafts.  I got to spy on Peanut and see how she was doing.  So fun!  She would have been totally fine without me coming out, but also was so excited to see me each day.  There were some really awesome crafts.  It was great fun being out there, meeting the kids, interacting, and just having fun.  

A friend saw this action below happening and said, "You need to grab your camera and run quick."  How fun is this?  A shower cap, shaving cream, and tossing cheetos!  

We picked Peanut up this morning at church.  She is worn out but had such a great time.  She said her favorite thing was playing on the Blob…a big piece of plastic with water trapped inside.  She memorized scripture, made awesome memories, and gained independence.  

 These two young ladies were Peanut's counselors.  They were FANTASTIC!  I felt totally confident entrusting our girl to them for the week.  She adored them too.
We are so thankful for this week.  It was just what she needed to kick off summer.

Now on to swim lessons…..

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