Sunday, June 08, 2014

Camp Preo 2014

Camp Preo 2014 is in the record books!  How did that happen?  It has come and gone already.  This year we only sent one child.  I'm not sure how that happened either.  These kids just do not stop growing.  Pumpkin went on her own this year and scored the Field Flower Pink group, the most coveted color of camp shirts!
 Peanut is old enough for overnight camp so there was a good-bye hug the first day we sent Pumpkin off.
 Pumpkin got to have her close buddies in her group!  SCORE again!  Pink shirts and best buddies!
 Two out of the four days this is what she looked like getting on the bus.  The other two involved lots of wetness around the eyes.  She was pooped by Wednesday but she did it and once she got on the bus, she was fine.  
 Peanut and I got to help out with crafts two days at camp.  How fun is that?  Peanut was excellent help for the first part then found other fun stuff to do.  This craft consisted of painting hands and feet for a pillowcase.  The theme of camp is Micah 6:8, "Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly."

 This girl below…she's so cool.  I am so blessed to call her friend and I got to work alongside her for crafts.  
 The last day of Camp Preo we headed to The Chocolate Moose after pick-up to celebrate a great week!  These girls are so awesome and I love that they have this chance to go to camp and learn about Jesus, have fun with friends, and make memories!  We are so blessed to have such an incredible church!
One of my absolute favorite parts of camp is hearing them sing the songs they've been learning all week at camp.  Pumpkin did not fail!  She was singing her songs all afternoon and evening after she would get home from camp.  Love it!

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