Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Day of 1st Grade

Yesterday was it, the last day of 1st Grade.  Peanut wanted me to do her hair and after I realized I had forgotten about late start day, we were gifted with another hour where we got to do her nails.  She was so excited and wanted to be all dressed up.

 We walked to school with her to drop off some of our medical supply boxes to her teacher who is moving up to third grade.  I also wanted to be there when Peanut gave her the gift we made for her.  
Peanut made her a beautiful card and came up with what to write all on her own.  "You are the pollen of my flower.  You are the love of my years."  I can't hardly take it!  How sweet is that???
 Today was bittersweet because of this woman!  We adore her.  This is what I posted on Facebook about her yesterday.  

"The last day of school for Cora is going to be bittersweet because of this woman. This is her teacher and I can't even begin to put into words what she has meant to not just Cora but to our whole family this year. She has walked alongside Cora during some very difficult things and just loved her and challenged her to keep learning. Cora went into the year not reading much at all. Today she is an avid reader who loves chapter books. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mrs. Kehr was put into our lives, especially Cora's for a specific reason. She empowered Cora to be a great student and tackle a very difficult year, coming out very strong. I am so thankful for the role model she is to Cora and for the love that she has shown Cora as well as our whole family. Some people are just destined to be incredible teachers and she is one of them. Tomorrow will be sad as we have to say good bye to her as Cora's teacher but we have added a new friend to our lives which is very cool."
 It was also awards day at the school.  
Peanut received "Outstanding Physical Education Student" award.  
After the big awards ceremony, we were invited back to Peanut's classroom for more personalized awards from her teacher.  Her teacher took the time to not only pass out reading awards for accelerated readers and sight words but a specific award for EACH student that described them and what she would remember about them.  It was a really special time for the kids, parents, and teacher.  Peanut received an award for having the "biggest heart".  Her teacher said some of the nicest things about our girl and how she displayed kindness to others during a really trying year.
A special teacher needs a special gift.  Peanut helped me make a pencil holder out of crayons.  It was a Pinterest inspiration.  We added some fun things like:
 "Thank you for 'polishing' Cora for 2nd grade!" attached to nail polish.
"You make your students BRIGHT!" attached to highlighters.
"You're a cut above the rest!" attached to scissors.
Then we added some gift cards to some of her teachers favorite places.  
 Then of course, there were the "Summer is HERE!" surprises for the girls when Peanut got home from school.  They were so excited to find this waiting when we got home from Peanut's last day of school.  
These are just fun things that will give us ideas of things to do this summer.  We by no means will stick to this list or do all of them, or maybe we will.  The girls LOVE this list and I LOVE making it so it has become a summer tradition for us.  We'll see how much of it we finish in just 8 weeks time.  

We celebrated our first day off together by hanging out with some really awesome friends for a playdate and lunch.  We're off to a great start for a great summer!

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