Thursday, May 22, 2014


For Pumpkin's birthday this year, Gigi gave her and Peanut gymnastics lessons.  This past Monday was their final lesson.  How did it go so fast????  They had so much fun and both did really well.  

Peanut doing a bridge.

Pumpkin walking the high beam.  She usually could do it without help but was kicking her legs this time.  She got a ribbon for her high beam work.
 A friend of mine from our hometown surprised the girls and made these super cute gymnastics leotards for the girls.  They love them and wore them every week almost.  
Thanks Gigi!!!!  I'm sure we will be signing them up again come fall.  


Anonymous said...

love hours

Anonymous said...

if you ever need a babysitter lmk, a few hours alone with them 2 would be heaven