Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bunk Beds

We have been wanting to get bunk beds for the girls for quite some time because they have a small bedroom.  Bunk beds would give them more floor space.  We put it off because the youngest is such a daredevil.  For some time all I could envision was her trying to "fly" off the top bunk.  This year she has settled a little bit so we once again starting contemplating bunks.  She wanted the bottom bunk and Peanut wanted the top so that worked well to for my plan.  We had a member of our church's deacon board approach Hubby a few months ago to see what he could come and help us with because he is a handy man.  I told him we would need help putting the bunk beds together once we had them.  This was all right when Daddy was recovering and feeling pretty horrible.  The thought of putting these suckers together on my own was not one I wanted to entertain.  
Well, before we knew it, we had these bunk beds gifted to us.  I mean, seriously!!!!  How amazing is that.  Our church has walked this journey with us and held us up in such an incredible way.  We have been slow to accept help because we just don't want to take advantage of this situation and there's always someone with a bigger need than our own.  I think they had it with us turning them away and surprised us with this!  

When I walk into the girls' room now, I see these bunk beds.  They are something so basic and not even a need but when I see them, they are a reminder of how God continually blesses us and cares for us.  This journey has been really hard and difficult but we're doing it by His grace and He is using those around us to love us and encourage us.  His story for our family is going to be so amazing…I mean, it is amazing!

Also….the girls LOVE the bunk beds as you can tell from the picture.

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