Monday, April 07, 2014

Pumpkin's Frozen Birthday

Pumpkin's birthday came right smack dab in the busiest week I've had in ages.  The Saturday before I sat in tears, e-mailing some friends asking them to pray for me to endure the week and that everything would get done.  We were in the midst of training for Peritoneal Dialysis, family was visiting for a few days, I was getting things around (328 things to be exact) to put in a consignment sale, preparing for Pumpkin's birthday, preparing for Daddy to start doing dialysis at home, working, and keeping up with normal day-to-day stuff.  I desperately didn't want Pumpkin's birthday to be this huge thing that I was dreading.  So I bit off each task one at a time.  Thursday I dropped off all of my consignment sale things and moved on to prepping for her birthday.  I wouldn't let myself worrying about the dialysis stuff until her parties were over.  It worked.  I had a great time getting things ready.  I LOVE my girls' birthdays.  I LOVE planning and prepping.  My favorite part is seeing their faces when it's all done and ready to go.  I LOVE the joy it gives them.  That gives me such joy.  
If you haven't seen or heard of Frozen, you have to be living under a rock.  This hit movie was a huge hit in our house.  We have the soundtrack and the girls have every song memorized.  Coincidentally the dvd version of the movie came out the week before Pumpkin's birthday so when she said she wanted a Frozen birthday, I knew it was meant to be.  Her first gift was her own copy of the movie.  She was so excited!
We invited just a few little girls over for a breakfast/pajama party to celebrate Pumpkin and watch Frozen.  Pumpkin was so excited about the big day.  We had breakfast foods ready for the girls to eat while they watched the movie.  There were breakfast sandwiches (scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese wrapped in crescent rolls and baked), fruit skewers, powdered sugar donut snowmen (candy corn stuck in the hole for carrot nose), and "ice cube" jello jigglers (these were the hit and so easy).
I loved these the most!  They were so pretty and very yummy.  There were NONE left after the party.
We had to have some "melted snow" to drink too in honor of Olaf.
Watching Frozen is pretty serious business if you are a little girls these days.
Pumpkin received some really great gifts from her buddies.  
This cake was so easy and fun.  I just frosted a white cake with white frosting.  I even used canned.  Homemade was not happening this year!  I made blue rock peppermint candy that I broke up to look like pieces of ice all over the cake.  A sprinkling of edible clear glitter and there you have it!  EASY!  And the birthday girl loved it.  You should have seen her face when she discovered that Mommy can make candy.  Priceless!
Elsa and Anna stood guard by the cake.  We had to use a little friend's Elsa doll because every small Elsa doll in the country is sold out!  I looked everywhere.  I even had a friend scour the two story Disney store in New York City.  They are gone!!!  

For the goodie bags I made a batch of white play dough and kneaded in a small bottle of glitter to make it sparkle like snow.  There was also a small bag of the rock candy and a few other small goodies. 
These girls were SO awesome!  We had such a great time celebrating with them.  

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