Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Birthday with Family

Pumpkin woke up on her actual birthday looking bigger!  5 years old…how did it happen?  We made birthday pancakes together sprinkled with sprinkles.  She used her new baking gear that she received from a friend the day before.  

At lunch we had some very special guests…Pumpkin's grandparents to help us celebrate her birthday.  The birthday girl chose lasagna for lunch.  
She was a little bit excited about opening presents.  

Peanut picked out a Barbie car to give to Pumpkin.  I'm not sure who was more excited the giver or the receiver.  
Dobbie made the girls each a kitty quilt.  They are so adorable.
Pumpkin also received her first American Girl doll from Dobbie.  She had picked out the newest doll Isabelle.  She is adorable and very well loved.

Both of the girls got money from Gigi so that they can start gymnastics lessons.  They have been begging for lessons for quite some time. They are very excited.
The birthday girl chose a blueberry pie to blow her candles out on.  Mommy was relieved…not another cake.
Here are the birthday girl and Peanut with their special guests.  We had a great day with these awesome people whom we love dearly.

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!

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