Monday, April 07, 2014

A Late Post about Daddy's Birthday

These pictures are from January.  I found them on Daddy's phone and debated on skipping this post because I like my posts in chronological order.  But this is an important post so it's here better late than never.  The Tuesday before Daddy's birthday would have been January 21.  I went with him to dialysis that day because we were concerned that the catheter in his chest was beginning to show signs of being infected.  Within 15 minutes of getting there and getting settled to hang out with my husband while he received his dialysis treatment, I was asked to leave.  I explained that we were waiting for the doctor and was told I could wait in the waiting area.  To say I wasn't angry would have been an understatement.  I sat in the waiting area in tears and texted a close friend to vent. It wasn't like I was sitting with someone I barely knew, it was my husband.  I waited, we met with the doctor who reassured us that the cath was not infected.  
 My close friend texted me and let me vent.  In the meantime she asked if she could watch our girls on Sunday so Daddy and I could go out to celebrate his birthday.  How sweet!  She is a treasure.  She reassured me that my feelings were valid and I should be upset but she also encouraged me.  
 So fast forward to Sunday, January 26 we headed to friend's house to drop off the girls so we could head to a local restaurant to celebrate.  Friend had texted and said we needed to come in when we dropped the girls off because she had something for me.  We got there and all headed up the stairs to her main floor where our entire family was SURPRISED.  She had put together a surprise birthday party for Daddy, while surprising all of us.  Pumpkin was sure the surprise was for her.  
Some of our closest friends from here in town gathered to celebrate Daddy and us.  They made us feel so loved and so encouraged.  We are so, so, so thankful for these friends who God put in our lives when we moved here not knowing a soul.  He knew we would need them on this journey.  

Peanut was bummed that she didn't get sweet friend to herself and that Daddy and I were not leaving but staying for the party.  Ha!  She is our social butterfly.

A side note regarding visitation during dialysis.  I went with Daddy one other time, the day after his gall bladder was removed.  He needed help carrying stuff and getting settled.  I planned to stay for 30 minutes then head out.  I was asked to leave again.  This caused Daddy to have a meeting with one of the head people and talk about how discouraging it was that not even a spouse could be with a patient.   There were many more details to this story, but in the end, they agreed and changed the rules.  Patients now can have a visitor for up to an hour during each treatment.  Daddy said he noticed after this that several patients had visitors.  We are so happy that there is a change in this policy because it was so discouraging to us.  

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