Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Family Day Trip

This past Thursday I had the itch to get out of town.  Daddy was feeling a little better each day and the weekend was supposed to be gorgeous.  I put a bug in Daddy's ear and after realizing that we haven't been out of Bloomington as a family since September, it was a go.  Saturday around lunch time we headed north to our state capital.  We visited an art museum's beautiful grounds that include gorgeous gardens and a historic mansion.  
 It was a lot of walking and this really wore Daddy out but there were benches all over to enjoy the beautiful grounds.  The flowers were blooming and the scent was incredible.  There is nothing like the scent of lilacs and other spring flowers.  

There were fountains all over the gardens.  We took a moment to make some wishes and throw some pennies in one.  Three of us wished that Daddy would get his new kidney soon.  One of us wished she would become a princess.  We'll let you figure out who wished what.  
The estate was just gorgeous and the home magnificent.  The girls thought it would be really cool to live in a house like this.  All I could think was, that's a lot of cleaning!  I would pick those gardens and ponds over that huge house any day though.  The gardens were so relaxing.  I would spring for a grounds' keeper though.  

 This was incredible.  The picture does it NO justice.  There was a small stream at the top of the hill that wound all the way down with beautiful yellow flowers growing at it's edge.  It ended up going down a waterfall into this pond full of fish.  Gorgeous!

 After this visit we headed just around the corner to 100 Acres which is a park full of sculptures that kids can play on.  There is also a 35 acre lake that bumps up to the White River with a gorgeous trail all of the way around it.  The girls and I hiked the trail while Daddy rested and read in the van.  We stopped at each sculpture for the girls to explore them.  
 This one is a basketball court.  The blue and red beams depict the trajectory of a bouncing basketball in honor of Indiana's love of basketball.
 Pumpkin's favorite things were these yellow bench/slide things that were all along the trail for breaks.  She LOVED them and had to check them all out.  
 Peanut LOVED this enormous swing set that looked like a huge limb.  It was really cool.
 The lake was gorgeous as was the day.  It was really warm but a nice breeze blew all afternoon.  That white thing out in the middle of the lake is Indy Island.  "It is a fully inhabitable experimental living structure that examines the daily needs of contemporary human beings. Each summer, the island will be occupied by one or two commissioned residents." -Idianapolis Museum of Art website
 My little hikers!  I love them so much!

 The head bone's connected to the neck bone.  The neck bone's connected to the back bone.  The back bone's connected to the hip bone.  The girls loved climbing all over this skeletal structure and learning about the bones in our body.

After we were done hiking and playing we headed back to the van only to discover that the van was DEAD!  A very kind and helpful Indianapolis policeman came to our rescue and got us going again.  

We had one more surprise for the girls up our sleeves.  Last fall a friend of ours blessed our family with the coolest, most generous gift basket ever.  In it were two gift cards to Toys R Us.  We hadn't used them yet because we hadn't been to Indy together.  We surprised the girls and took them.  They were ecstatic and announced on the way into the store, "Best Day EVER!"  They did a great job picking out new treasures and we were only in the store maybe 30 minutes.  I was pleasantly shocked.  

Peanut picked out a Playmobile set and face painting kit.  Pumpkin picked out a Safari Barbie set.  She liked it because it was a like a Barbie camping set.  I'm sure Barbie does not camp.  She probably GLAMPS.

We ended our day eating together at Outback Steakhouse.  Yum!  What a fun day with great memories made.  It definitely was different from other family days since Daddy doesn't feel like himself but we are making the most of what we're dealing with!

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