Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Wild Rumpus Circus

With all that has been going on with Daddy medically we have missed out on some fun things going on in our town, specifically our library.  When I saw that the circus was coming to the library, we signed up immediately!  I have expressed my love for our library on here many times but seriously, it's just the best.  They have the best events and it is just a really fun place to hang out.  Two Saturdays ago, we rode the bus downtown because Daddy was at dialysis and went to the Wild Rumpus Circus.  It was made up of a husband and wife team who were quite entertaining.  
 Peanut jumped on stage to "help" twice.  The first time was with the stilt walker.  She is the one with purple pants on.  
 The second time was to wear a mask.  Two of her good buddies are on either side of her.  Buddies make all things even more fun.  

 Pumpkin had fun just watching from her seat.  
 They had to express emotion just using the mask and body movement.  This was "love"…so sweet!
 We had a sweet time with friends and each other!

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