Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Circus Left It's "MARK" on Us!

Last week I stumbled on an ad for a circus coming to town on Saturday.  What a way to kick off spring break since we are stuck in town due to dialysis training and regular dialysis.  Saturday afternoon the girls and I headed to the local armory  to see the circus.  There definitely had to be cotton candy on the agenda.  The girls would have an uprising if there wasn't.
 Since we were early, had "good" seats, and some money burning a hole in my pocket, they got to ride the elephant which was a huge (no pun intended) hit.  

 Remember the "good" seats I mentioned before?  We sat right by the entrance that the performers used and where the animals came in.  The first act was the big cats.  They were wheeled in huge cages that lined up like a train to the entrance of the caged circus ring.  They sat there for probably 15 minutes before the circus started.  You can see below how close they were to us…maybe 4 feet away, or 5.   Those are the tops of the girls' heads so you can see how close we were….that is important information. 
We were sitting there minding our own business when all of a sudden there was something wet on us.  Then I heard Peanut shriek and people around us start groaning.  Within seconds I had put together that that big male lion decided to mark his territory and well, we were just in the way.  Peanut was sitting on the end closest to him and she took the hit for us.  She had it running down her arm, in her hair, and on the side of her face.  It was DISGUSTING!  Thankfully she had a jacket that she used to clean up with and a mom behind let us borrow a wet wipe.  Peanut was a TROOPER.  After the initial shock wore off, we were laughing hysterically.  I was pretty proud of her, because if I had taken the hit, the circus would have been OVER!  Ha!  

I scored this awesome picture later when I asked them to show me what their faces looked like after the lion did his thing.  Priceless!
 There's the guilty party looking smugly at us.  "How are you enjoying my circus now?  What is that scent you are wearing?"  Ha!

As the elephants entered the building, I told Peanut she better watch out after what the lion did to her.  

Other than the lion trauma, we had a great time watching the entertainers and animals.  The circus is always a hit no matter what age you are.  I am pretty sure we won't forget this one though!  If you see Peanut be sure to comment on the mane, whiskers, and tail she is growing now.  Wink, wink!

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