Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Medical Update

I thought I should catch you up on what has been happening with Daddy.  I know some of you aren't on Facebook to get our updates.  On February 14 after eating out as a family for Valentine's Day, Daddy started not feeling well.  By 11 p.m. he was in severe pain that was bad enough to send us to the ER.  We were there until 5 a.m.  The doctor diagnosed it as a gallbladder attack and an ultrasound the next day verified that he has several gallstones.  We were scheduled to have the gallbladder removed on February 21 but the surgeon got stuck in Oklahoma City due to severe weather.   We were referred to another surgeon who was able to take the gallbladder out the following Friday, February 28.  He was in the hospital one night and back at dialysis the morning following surgery.  He recovered really well and was so glad to have that painful thing removed.  

That led to two weeks of healing before we could begin peritoneal dialysis training again.  He had another P.D. catheter placed on February 7 with hopes of starting training in two weeks.  The gallbladder issue delayed all of that.  We did begin training this past Monday, March 17.  It is going really well this time around.  When he used this type of catheter last fall he had so much pain and sensitivity.  This just seems a much better situation.  He should be able to start dialysis at home on April 1st and get the chest catheter removed a few days later.  We are so excited about the idea of him not having to go the dialysis center for 11 hours each week although it is much closer to 15 hours or more including travel time and just waiting at the center to be hooked up and unhooked.  

He has been battling extreme exhaustion the past few days.  This evening was the first time in 5 days that he had enough energy to go out and do something.  We're hoping it was just from all of the things that have happened and not the new normal.  

No news on our donor.  The person is still anonymous which is totally fine.  We are praying things are moving along swiftly and well!

Thank you for all of your prayers, cards, emails, and encouragement.  It is all so appreciated!
We have finally been able to enjoy some spring like weather.  Two Tuesdays ago it was GORGEOUS out.  Pumpkin and I spent the entire day outside, then took Daddy and Peanut to a park for a picnic.  It snowed the next day.  Ha!  Crazy midwest weather!
Pumpkin celebrated Dr. Seuss at preschool all last week.  She wore silly socks on Monday, dressed wacky on Wednesday which you see below, and wore a hat on Friday.  She loved it!
Wacky Wednesday

Peanut has been working and working on riding her bike without training wheels.  She had just sort of figured out in the fall then winter hit with a vengeance.  She asks to get it out each day now and she has figured it out.  We are so proud of her!  
She has also been moved into accelerate reading at school, stopped sucking her thumb on her own, and is getting some "smolders" (molars).  She is certainly growing up!

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