Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So Humbled

A word real quick about the gifts under our little tree.  

Some of them were from us and Gigi but there were ALOT that were not.  

A few months ago a sweet woman who I know from teaching her kids in preschool and living up north contacted me.  She said that each year their family chooses a family who is going through a difficult time and they just bless them for Christmas.  She said they had chosen us.  

I have to be honest that at first I felt bad about this.  Us?  We chatted back and forth via Facebook and I just began to feel so humbled by her kindness and love for my family...especially the girls.  She truly just wanted to help them have a magical Christmas to take away from the hardships from the past year.  We agreed but just had no idea what a magical Christmas it would be.

She dropped the things off at my dad's home and he kept calling me and telling me there was just so much and wondering where it all had come from.  A wonderful elf wrapped the things up to send with Gigi since we could no longer go up to visit.  

The girls were astounded to see our Christmas tree on Christmas morning.  It was flowing and full of so many treats.  Seeing all of the packages was a very moving thing for Daddy and I.  The things under that tree were just perfect for the girls too.  Lots of art and craft items, a new Barbie and pony for Pumpkin, a new baby doll for Peanut whom she ADORES!  

Lots of books and goodies for Daddy and I. We were just blown away by the kindness shown to us. I wish my friend could have seen the looks on the girls' faces....they were full of delight and excitement! We were so blessed!

Another very special friend from our church contacted Daddy while he was in the hospital and offered to go do his Christmas shopping for me since he hadn't had time to do it.  I was really blessed by the gifts she found for me using Daddy's budget.  They were all perfect and I just loved it all so much!  He might have to have her do his shopping all of the time.  Haha!

Walking this road has made Daddy and I so much more aware of our great desire to pay it forward to others when this part of our journey is complete.  The feeling of giving is such an incredible one and we are so very thankful for those who have acted on that little voice that has prompted them to do just that.  It certainly is a two way blessing!

Another really cool thing that happened this Christmas for our family was that little Christmas tree in the corner of our apartment.  After staying with Daddy the first day in the hospital during his last stay, I was very aware that the girls were really sad that we didn't have a tree.  I stopped at Wal-Mart on my way home to price small trees.  I found one that wasn't that much but then had to get some ornaments and I still needed to get some gifts for the girls.  I stood in the ornament aisle and prayed, "Lord, please provide for these extras for our family."  I bought my things, headed home, and got the mail.  In that pile of mail was an anonymous check for just $9.00 more than I had just spent on these extras.  I got goosebumps.  He really does provide for us and it all strengthens not only my faith and Daddy's but it is growing the faith of our precious little girls!

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