Thursday, January 09, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

According to the meteorologists the impending snowstorm scheduled to hit last weekend was pretty much the end of civilization as we know it.  They really get worked about this stuff these days.  After Dobbie and Papa left, Peanut and I headed to the grocery store to stock up...just in case.  Everyone else in town had beaten me.  There was no bread, no milk, and no eggs left in the store!  CRAZY!  We have come to the conclusion that people crave french toast when storms hit.  Our only worry was, "Is there coffee left?"  THERE WAS!  Whew!  We will survive anything with coffee.

Our city was right on the line of snow, slush, ice, rain.  It was a mess on Sunday but when that snow did fall it was beautiful...big, heavy snow flakes.  I think we got around 6 inches, if that.  After the snow storm, the worry was the temperature.  We had windchills in the negative 30's on Monday and Tuesday.  Needless to say there was no school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday which extended our break by half a week.  We'll take it!  Peanut was worried about the refill (make-up) days.  We have heard the state is offering schools a waiver for 2 of those days since it was just plain dangerous to be outside.

Before the temperatures dropped the girls played a bit in the snow although it was super wet and it didn't last long.

We rolled up blankets to block the draft from under the doors, shut the blinds and the curtains, turned up the furnace, lit the candles, and just enjoyed hunkering down!  I love snow days!  I love the excitement of finding out there's no school.  I might love it even more now as a mom.  I love having the girls home and not having to go to work, just hanging out together, unexpectedly.

Poor Daddy did have to get out on Tuesday morning to go to dialysis.  The van made all sorts of noises and explicatives when he started it up but she did start and did great on the streets for him.  Whew!  We were a little worried about that.

We had so much fun during this Polar Vortex as they are calling it.  We watched most of the Star Wars movies which one of the cable channels so thoughtfully had on over the weekend for us to record.  Peanut LOVES Star Wars!  Loves it!  Pumpkin says she doesn't like it but she was right there watching alongside.

We baked lots of cookies to keep the oven going and help heat up the apartment.  Our favorite was Amish Sugar Cookies.  Yummy!  You can see the coffee was flowing too from our french press.
We did nails and had make-overs.  They got to put on make-up which you can't see very well in this picture.  I think that was the hit of the break.  
We lived in our pajamas but when it was warm enough for baths we made them fun with homemade bath watercolor paints.

We played game after game after game together. We also improvised and brought the snow inside to play with since it was too cold to play outside.
We even learned how to do embroidery together. Peanut made a double heart picture which she gave me for my birthday! I was so proud of her!

Today there was a delay but Peanut headed back to school. I was sad. I loved our days together...those unexpected ones are the best. This Polar Vortex was just what we needed...more time together just relaxing and having fun.

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