Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Heart Study

Kev and I got to spend the afternoon together with no kids.  This sounds like a great time of doing whatever we wanted but we were at the hospital for Daddy's 4 hour heart study/stress test.  Daddy has to have this done every year until he has the transplant just to be sure his heart is healthy and strong.  Everything went really smooth and we are so thankful for that.  We just make the best of it and keep the jokes coming so we can at least laugh during these times.
A very dear friend watched the girls for us and just loved on them. On the way to her house, I was telling Peanut that Daddy was going to be so hungry after his test because he couldn't eat for 12 hours before his test. She was eating a lunch I had packed for her and said, "I'm going to save half of my sandwich and goldfish crackers for Daddy to eat when he is done!" I just love her giving heart! We celebrated finishing the test by taking the girls to HuHot afterwards. Yum!
They love watching their food get cooked in front of them.
This break has been so full, some of us are just really worn out.

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