Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Peanut woke up several times in the night, wanting to go downstairs. We finally just had her cuddle up in bed with us hoping she would sleep. She woke up at 7 a.m. ready to go. I woke up to the realization that I had completely forgotten to fill stockings. I had to sneak down first to do that and capture some pictures of what the girls were to find waiting for them.
Santa left some special presents for the girls after eating those yummy cookies and drinking his strawberry milk.  Peanut had heard that he loves strawberry milk so we had to have that out this year.  Pumpkin desperately wanted him to bring her a Barbie mermaid whose hair changes color in the water. Peanut asked for a baby doll that goes potty...he left her a baby doll that she can potty train!  They loved their new dolls so much.

These shots are blurry but it shows how they both felt when walking down the stairs!

Pumpkin wanted Peanut to open the present she picked out for her first...two packs of new earrings.
A special friend got the girls each a beautiful art box. This was certainly the hit. Pumpkin opened hers then headed to the tile floor to start painting and drawing. We had to entice her back over to keep opening up presents. She certainly is becoming quite a little artist.
We also gave her her first Bible. She loved it! She takes it with her almost everywhere and reads out of it all of the time. We had no idea how much it would really mean to her.
The Christmas mess filled with new things to love!
We spent the rest of our day relaxing together and enjoying a yummy Christmas meal. It was a quiet day which was what we needed. The girls rested and played with their new things. Daddy got a lot of rest as he was pretty worn out. I manned the kitchen. Gigi enjoyed watching the girls play.
We gave Daddy Settlers of Catan Junior so he could start teaching Peanut how to play. They both couldn't wait to get started. Peanut beat him the first 3 games. He was SO proud of her and so excited that she loved it.

It was a really great Christmas.  My favorite part?  Helping Peanut read the Christmas Story from her new Bible and watching The Nativity Story with my family while answering the many questions that Peanut had.  I love seeing the truth come alive in them.  The truth that the tiny baby was real and He really did come for each of us.  My hope hinges on that truth!

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