Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pajamborie 2013

Last night we went to an event in town that I look forward to each year as much as the girls, the Pajamborie.  This year our elf, Fred got to go along also.  Peanut was sure he would be so excited to see Santa.
What could be more fun than wearing your pajamas to a party downtown in a beautiful ball room? Oh, add in the cookies and milk, movie, coloring, and meeting Santa. MAGICAL! This year Mrs. Claus joined in on the fun.
The girls got their letters all ready first thing...after cookies and milk, of course.
THEN...we sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" all together and he came! It's blurry but this was her reaction!

This guy is amazing! If you don't "believe", he will make you question your disbelief. This was our second year meeting him and he is just the coolest. I think he might actually be the real deal. He takes his time with each child and truly loves on them and makes them each feel so special. His better half was just as cool as him. Even Daddy commented that he thought he was the real guy.
He had a private conversation with Fred which the girls totally ate up!

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