Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fred's Antics

Fred, our elf kept us busy during December.  He was also up to some silly things himself.  Here are some more of the things he did and had the girls do.

We made goodies and pictures for Daddy to take to dialysis for the nurses and staff at the center.  They are a HUGE and important part of our lives right now.  Fred wanted them to know how much they mean to us.  Daddy said the charge nurse told him they were the best cookies she had ever had!

One night after the girls were tucked into bed, Daddy and I chugged up the stairs and shouted, "Polar Express!  Time for the Polar Express."  The warm van awaited with bags of popcorn for each of us.  The girls SHRIEKED in excitement.  They knew something was up because Fred had warned them that Mommy and Daddy had a surprise in store for them.  We drove all over town looking at lights and ended at our finale...a home that boasts close to 50 blow up, lit up decorations in the yard.  This was the hit of the night!

One morning the girls woke up to find Fred incriminating himself to some overnight antics.  He was holding a dry erase marker and smiling slyly.  All of our pictures had been "decorated".

During the night between December 21-22, Fred did a huge act of kindness for the girls.  We had not yet put up a tree because life has just been crazy and we weren't going to be home at all the week of Christmas.  On the morning of December 21 during dialysis, Daddy got really sick.  His fever spiked as did his blood pressure and pulse.  He was sent directly to the hospital where he was admitted for observation.  This changed our plans and meant that we needed to stay home instead of travel.  The girls were so sad that we didn't have a tree.

When they woke up on Sunday morning our apartment was decorated complete with outdoor decorations.  They were blown away by how kind this was of Fred to decorate for us!

Fred's last fun was teepeeing our living room the night before Christmas Eve.  I found Peanut sitting in the red chair looking at what he had done with a HUGE grin on her face!

We had so much with Fred this December.  He added a lot of joy to a stressful time in our family's life. I am so thankful for the smiles, fun, and excitement he brought to our little girls.

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