Saturday, December 14, 2013


We have an elf.  The girls named him Fred.  Fred has provided the girls with some really great ways to serve others with kindness.  He has also had them do just some really fun things.  Each morning when we have gotten up, we look for Fred and find him with a note.  Usually he has been doing something that goes along with the note.  In the note he points out the good things he has caught Pumpkin and Peanut doing and tells them what he wants them to do for the day.

Here are some things he has been up to.

Making Snowflakes together!
IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4572
Fred got into some treats and wanted us to take donuts to some firemen. We made some cards too to give to them.
IMG_4595 IMG_4600
Fred wanted us to make treats and cards to give to the staff at our church because he knew that they have been such a blessing to our family.
IMG_4668 IMG_4669
Fred had us go to a live, drive through nativity that was called Moments in the Master's Life. He wanted to go along with us because this is his favorite story of all because he knows it is true and not make believe!
Fred had some fun with the girls' toys and wanted us to be sure other kids in our community have fun this Christmas. He had the girls pick out some toys at the store to donate to the Salvation Army's Stuff-a-Bus.
IMG_4675IMG_4676 IMG_4679 
This is just a snippet of what we've been up to. I'm sure that Fred has a lot more up his sleeve. He is currently snuggled up in a chair with some baby dolls reading Christmas books that he wants us to read together this evening.

Peanut is sure that he is for real!  I love it.  Her innocence and love of this is amazing to me.  She searches for him first thing every morning and tucks him into his own special bed every night. Pumpkin could take or leave it.  Although the morning we found Fred playing Candy Land, she was astounded and said, "I can't wait to go to preschool to tell my friends what Fred did!"  She calls him Elf the Fred which I adore!

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