Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We had a busy but good Christmas Eve.  I had to finish up my shopping and start preparations for our Christmas Day meal.  I had a good little helper though.  Peanut helped me finish up our Christmas shopping, picking out some great gifts.  Later in the day Gigi arrived to celebrate with us.  I am so thankful he was able to change his plans and come to us since we couldn't go up north.  We opened a few presents together because the girls just couldn't take it anymore.

Peanut found a jewelry box for Pumpkin.  She had been talking about getting her one for months!

Peanut got a spirograph which brought back LOTS of memories for Daddy and I.

 We worked on decorating our Christmas cookies so that we could leave some special ones out for Santa.

The girls made sure Santa's cookies were ready, his letters, and carrots for the reindeer.

I just LOVE Christmas through their eyes! It is so magical!

Daddy and I fell into bed about 1 a.m. after making sure things were just right.  Little did we know our first wake-up call would be one hour later at 2 a.m.!!!!  (Peanut wanted to go downstairs and see if he had been here yet.)

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