Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Hospital Visit

On the morning of December 21 Daddy headed to dialysis.  Near the end of his session he called to tell me he had a fever, his blood pressure and pulse had also spiked causing great concern to the head nurse.  I found out later that they had actually wanted to transport him by ambulance to the hospital but he chose to drive home to get me.  Needless to say upon hearing this, I made a BEE LINE for the hospital.

He was admitted fast and the doctor was checking him out within 5 minutes of us getting into his room.    That can  cause a bit of an uneasy feeling.  They wanted to be sure his catheter site was not infected as the type of catheter he has can cause "HUGE PROBLEMS"...the doctor's exact words.

We were pretty certain he just had a virus but were so thankful for their proactivity just in case.  He had to stay in the hospital until the afternoon of Monday, December 23 to be observed and have a dialysis session there.

His hospital stay changed our holiday travel plans as we felt it was just a good idea to stay in town and be close to our doctor and the hospital if we needed them.

We were so thankful he was released and able to be at home for Christmas!

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