Friday, November 22, 2013

Sibling Weekend

Last weekend Daddy's brother, sister, and one niece came to see us.  They were so worried about their brother.  They just wanted to see him for themselves.  They even went and spent Saturday with him at dialysis which meant so much to all of us.  The littles and I got to hit the town together.  We went to a fun science show at a local college.  It was very educational and so fun. Homemade lava lamps IMG_4396
Filling a balloon with gas created from vinegar and baking soda. IMG_4400 IMG_4408
What happens when you put a candy Mento in a bottle of Diet Coke? IMG_4414 
Next we headed to McDonald's to eat and play. Our play was cut short by a small bully who kept hitting the girls and calling them we just went to a bigger and better playground. He couldn't ruin our day!
IMG_4418 IMG_4424
They had to head out the next day. It was a fast weekend but so good to see them!  IMG_4433 IMG_4435
We are so thankful for all of our family who has been so supportive during this time of change and transition!

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