Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feast Day

Last Wednesday was Feast Day at the preschool where I work and where Pumpkin goes.  We had a wonderful day with preschoolers and families!
This is the outfit that Pumpkin wore on Feast Day. After the feast all of the Pumpkin's classmates were in the hall and I realized they were all in black except for my kid who was in bright, neon colors. I mentioned this to her teacher and she said that yes they were supposed to have worn black. Whoops! I missed that memo. Another teacher said, "Leave it to a teacher!" Ha! So very true!!! She did look pretty cute though!
My little pilgrim....
IMG_4456 IMG_4464
 Pumpkin was the snack helper on Friday so we, of course needed to make waffle cone cupcake teepees to share with her class! These were a pain to bake but easy to do after that point. Directions can be found HERE.

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