Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catching Up

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy for our family.  The week of October 14 Daddy started having more serious effects from kidney disease.  We ended up in the ER one night because he felt pretty awful.  The nephrologist scheduled him to get a catheter placed in his abdomen on Monday, October 21.  He felt pretty rotten afterwards and felt worse as time went on.  Early in the morning on October 22 we were back in the ER because he developed a fever.  He was admitted and not released until November 3.  During the time in the hospital he began peritoneal dialysis and antibiotic treatments for peritonitis.

On November 4 we began training at a local dialysis center so he could begin doing the peritoneal dialysis at home.  On Wednesday when the nurse drained the fluid from his abdomen, she was a little concerned about the clarity of the fluid.  She decided to send it in to the lab just to have it checked.  Thursday morning we got a phone call that his numbers showed the infection was back.

We were told to head to the hospital to have the catheter taken out.  He was admitted before lunch and heading down to get a central venous catheter placed in his upper right chest area.  Later he headed to surgery and had the abdominal catheter removed.  A few hours after that, he headed to his first session of hemodialysis using the new catheter in his chest along with receiving antibiotics.  He had another session of dialysis on Friday and was released to come home that evening.

He now goes to hemodialysis every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 3 1/2 hours each time at a dialysis center here in town.  To say we were happy about this change of plans would be a lie.  We were really bummed.  This was not the route we wanted to go.

In the midst of all of this trial and upheaval, there is much to be so thankful for.

Our parents who have come to see us and stay with us to care for the girls while we were at the hospital.
My mother-in-law who did my laundry, did my dishes, cleaned my apartment, filled my van anytime the gas was running low, filled our fridge, sewed for and with the girls, bought anything we needed without batting an eye, and so much more.  (I just put gas in our van yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks because of her!)
Friends who visited Kev in the hospital, played games with him, watched the World Series, brought food for him (hospital food won't make the thankful list).
Friends who brought meals to our family.  Saturday will be the first time since this started that I will have to cook for my family.
The preschool director and staff where I work who loved our family and made sure we were ok.  They didn't bat an eye at me missing work.
Friends who helped us out at a moment's notice.
Gift cards, cards, gifts, emails, phone calls, texts that have brightened our days.
An INCREDIBLE church that has exemplified the body of Christ to us and just loved us through this.
Incredible nurses at the hospital that really loved on our family and cared for Kev.
A doctor who tried her very best to save that abdominal catheter but knew when to call it quits.
So many who loved on Peanut and Pumpkin and just spoiled them during this uncertain time.
This list could just go on and on but the one that truly means the most to us is prayer.  We have felt the power of your prayers in such a real and incredible way during this time.
Thank you!

During these crazy weeks, we still had life going on outside of the hospital for the girls.

Peanut had her final soccer game and awards night!  She was glad soccer was over but had a lot of fun.
IMG_4221 IMG_4230 
Pumpkin had her Pumpkin Party at preschool. She dressed up as Rapunzel. Her she is with her two awesome teachers.
Halloween happened too. For trick or treating the girls were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Dobbie made the red cape for me and I made the wolf hoodie. IMG_4304 IMG_4256
We treated the hospital a bit too. During the day on Halloween some friends went with Pumpkin and I to pass out candy to people at the hospital. It was so much fun to bless other people and to see their reactions when they realized the kids didn't want candy, they were giving it away! IMG_4289
Later in the day when Peanut was home from school, we took cookies to some of the nurses stations. The nurses station on Daddy's floor got a lot though. We love those nurses and patient care supports. They were amazing! They deserve so much more than cookies and cards! IMG_4338
Each night we would make our way to the hospital for the girls to see Daddy. This was as much for them as it was for him. That was the hardest part, not being together. IMG_4345
I love these two so much! They are so resilient. It was tough on them. There were hard questions to answer, lots of tears, sleepless nights, struggles getting to school,...but they were troopers! So proud of them.
So now we continue with hemodialysis until the transplant happens.  We have a donor who is almost done with all of the testing and so far there have been no red flags that the kidneys won't match.  There are 4 other matches, one of which the hospital is pursuing as a back-up.  There are also 4 people on a waiting list to be tested and numerous others who have offered to be tested if these fall through.  We are absolutely amazed by this!  God has been so good to our family!

"This is the day that the Lord has made!  We will rejoice and be glad in it."  Psalm 118:24


Joy ☺ said...

Awwwww. Wonderful, yet heartbreaking blog post! You've had so much going on. I just love you to pieces Mindums. I'm so glad you've had people surrounding you to help in every way possible.

Little Quilt Shop said...

Love you all more than life itself!! Dobs and Papa