Monday, October 14, 2013

A Glorious Fall Day

A beautiful day, yummy picnic food, incredible friends...These things all make for a GLORIOUS day during my favorite season of the year.  We headed out to a local state park to see the sights and enjoy the fellowship.
These four...I just love them so much! IMG_4157
This woman....I am so thankful that she is in my life. She is AMAZING! I can not get enough of that little man on her back. He is quite the little flirt. IMG_4189
There were wooly worms (what I called them from my childhood) everywhere. There is a link between wooly worms and winter, isn't there? I need to look that one up because they were everywhere we looked.
I'm not sure if they will go hiking with us again after we assured them this trail was easy for a stroller...we just happened to forget ALL OF THE STAIRS! Sorry about that! IMG_4193 IMG_4168 IMG_4207 IMG_4208
This is what a 1.7 mile hike with breaks will do to Daddy these days.  So thankful that he was able to go with us and so looking forward to the day he doesn't feel like this anymore.
It was a beautiful day!  I can't get enough of fall.  I do hope that the colors brighten. A Hike and a Picnic

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