Thursday, September 05, 2013

West Coast Friends

Last week we had some really close friends stop by for an overnight visit. We haven't seen them in over a year since they moved out to the west coast.  Unfortunately the woman of the house couldn't be with us as she was working.  She was greatly missed but still a really fun time was had!

Peanut had waited ALL DAY LONG at school to see these special friends.  We heard that she asked her teacher all day if it was time to go home yet.  They were there to meet her at the doors after school and she was so excited!
We took our friends to a "must go to legendary" pizza joint here in town.  YUM!
IMG_3754 IMG_3756
After pizza we let the kids run off their steam at one of the coolest and biggest playgrounds here in town before hitting up an ice cream place for dessert.
IMG_3771 IMG_3767
And of course, to end the night there was a MAD Settlers of Cataan tournament between these three.
Oh, how we love this family!!!!  So thankful for this time with part of them.

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