Friday, September 06, 2013

Aerial Arts

Have I mentioned on here how much I love our little town?  I mean really....there is SOOO much to do and so many events going on.  Tonight the girls and I spent the evening at the local children's science museum with some good friends.  It was half price night so it was a bit packed but we had fun.  The big event was that a local aerial arts group was performing.  There were so cool to watch and they performed on long silk streamers hanging from I-beams inside the museum.  It was a small space which made it even that much cooler.
The first woman to perform was more on the age side of being a grandmother but she swung around on those streamers and flipped herself over AND did the splits! Wow!
The group performed for about 10 minutes every half hour and in-between performances they helped the kids try out the streamers. I believe Peanut did it close to 6 times. Pumpkin wasn't interested in trying it out though.

P9063827 P9063839
Sorry the videos are sideways!
P9063840 P9063835
Such good buddies!

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