Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday Night Fun

Last night was a truly great Friday night.  We started out at a local kid's place to love on some dear friends who are moving away this weekend.  We are so sad to see them move on, but trust that God is going to lead them to His best for their family.

So the kiddos played while the adults chatted. IMG_3980
Peanut hit the jack-pot by winning 500 tickets in one of the games and 100 in another! She was ecstatic.
We love this family so much! IMG_3989 IMG_3990
After this little shindig, we headed to the home of our church's children's ministry leader. We bumped into another family from church at the first stop. The little boy is also a friend of Peanut's from school so we invited them to go with us and they did! It was great getting to know them better in this way. I am firm believer that things don't have by chance. Our paths were meant to cross! At our second party, the kids from church gathered to watch the original Charlie and the Charlie Factory outdoors on a screen. There was a popcorn maker and a cotton candy maker, a bonfire, lots of blankets, and lots of fellowship. What a great night! IMG_4000 IMG_4001

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Little Quilt Shop said...

Fun fun!! I bet the girls went wild as all the tickets came out! Yey Millie!!