Thursday, September 05, 2013

Four Day Weekend

We headed north this past weekend since the girls and I had a 4 day weekend.  We spent the first half with Dobbie and Papa.  The girls got to have Dobbie and Papa to themselves on Friday since I was off tending to a new baby.  :)

Dobbie and the girls made a really neat card table playhouse.  How fun is this?
Making a Play House
Of course Peanut spent a lot of time with the chickens. She helped collect eggs and she even found an apple tree to pick apples from.
Picking Apples
The girls helped Dobbie make some incredible cookies to put in a care package for one of the cousins who is a college girl now and away from family.
Making Cookies with Dobbie
And they're favorite part of helping make cookies... Making Cookies with Dobbie
We had a great time with Dobbie and Papa. Then it was time to head to Gigi's.

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