Thursday, September 05, 2013

Four Day Weekend Continued...

Gigi has started fishing and is borrowing a boat from a friend.  His main goal during our visit was to take the girls fishing....their first time!
Fishing with Gigi Fishing with Gigi
They caught 3 fish but they were small so Peanut got the job of throwing them back into the water when they got back to land.
Fishing with Gigi
When we got back home she wanted the job of cleaning the boat. What a great helper!
Fishing with Gigi
We also took in a local festival amazing fireworks show. It really outdid the show we saw on Fourth of July. We were right under these fireworks.
Labor Day Fireworks Labor Day Fireworks Labor Day Fireworks
We also made sure to put new flowers on Mimi's and Uncle Scott's stones at the cemetery. Peanut helped me pick out all of the flowers for the arrangements.
New Flowers New Flowers for Mimi
Our visits always go so fast and we never get to see all of the people we want to see but we did have a great time!
Driving the Lawn Mower Fishing with Gigi Fishing with Gigi

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