Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday Night Fun

Last night was a truly great Friday night.  We started out at a local kid's place to love on some dear friends who are moving away this weekend.  We are so sad to see them move on, but trust that God is going to lead them to His best for their family.

So the kiddos played while the adults chatted. IMG_3980
Peanut hit the jack-pot by winning 500 tickets in one of the games and 100 in another! She was ecstatic.
We love this family so much! IMG_3989 IMG_3990
After this little shindig, we headed to the home of our church's children's ministry leader. We bumped into another family from church at the first stop. The little boy is also a friend of Peanut's from school so we invited them to go with us and they did! It was great getting to know them better in this way. I am firm believer that things don't have by chance. Our paths were meant to cross! At our second party, the kids from church gathered to watch the original Charlie and the Charlie Factory outdoors on a screen. There was a popcorn maker and a cotton candy maker, a bonfire, lots of blankets, and lots of fellowship. What a great night! IMG_4000 IMG_4001

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pumpkin's First Field Trip

One of the occupational blessings of working at the preschool this year is that I am an automatic chaperone for field trips and my class usually travels with Pumpkin's class.  That works out well for me!  Monday we headed downtown to visit the fire station.  Here are some moments from Pumpkin's first field trip.
Fire Station Field Trip Fire Station Field Trip
One of the highlights of the trip was watching a fireman slide down the fire pole!
Fire Station Field Trip
High fives for the firemen!
Fire Station Field Trip
This is Pumpkin's buddy from church. They are in the same preschool class which makes preschool extra special this year!
Fire Station Field Trip
When I asked her what her favorite part was, she said, "All of the stuff!"

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Our awesome town held it's first annual hot air balloon festival this past weekend.  The girls and I had to check it out on Saturday night.  We had a lot of fun but there are definitely many issues that will need to be tweaked for next year.  
Hot Air Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloon Festival
As you can see, we got to be right down where the hot air balloons were.  The girls got to see the workers take the balloons out of the bag, unroll it, and spread it all out.  Then we watched as they used huge fans to fill the balloon up with air, then the hot air to lift the balloon up off of the ground.  Really cool!!!!  We will be checking this one out again next year!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Upwards Soccer

So we have entered the world of soccer.  We want to give our kiddos experiences of different things to see what they really like and what they are good at.  We talked to Peanut about soccer and let her decide if she wanted to give it a try and she wanted to.  We joined Upwards Soccer that is held at a church just a few blocks from our apartment.  She has had two practices and she was put on a team with a classmate from school whose parents are her coaches.  They are AWESOME!  They are so encouraging to her and so positive.  I love it and am so grateful.  She loves it and looks forward to going to practice and couldn't wait for her game this morning.
Upwards Soccer Upwards Soccer
The focus in Upwards is not on competition but really learning the game and the skills. It is just a really positive place to learn how to play! Upwards Soccer Upwards Soccer Upwards Soccer
Peanut has been asking me for two weeks, "When is my show going to be?"  She calls the games shows.  I love that.

When we were at Dobbie and Papa's she asked Dobbie, "Will you watch all of my games?"  Dobbie told her she wouldn't be able to make it to many since they live too far.  Peanut replied with, "That's ok, you can just watch them on TV."  Ha!

That's our girl!

Friday, September 06, 2013

Aerial Arts

Have I mentioned on here how much I love our little town?  I mean really....there is SOOO much to do and so many events going on.  Tonight the girls and I spent the evening at the local children's science museum with some good friends.  It was half price night so it was a bit packed but we had fun.  The big event was that a local aerial arts group was performing.  There were so cool to watch and they performed on long silk streamers hanging from I-beams inside the museum.  It was a small space which made it even that much cooler.
The first woman to perform was more on the age side of being a grandmother but she swung around on those streamers and flipped herself over AND did the splits! Wow!
The group performed for about 10 minutes every half hour and in-between performances they helped the kids try out the streamers. I believe Peanut did it close to 6 times. Pumpkin wasn't interested in trying it out though.

P9063827 P9063839
Sorry the videos are sideways!
P9063840 P9063835
Such good buddies!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Four Day Weekend Continued...

Gigi has started fishing and is borrowing a boat from a friend.  His main goal during our visit was to take the girls fishing....their first time!
Fishing with Gigi Fishing with Gigi
They caught 3 fish but they were small so Peanut got the job of throwing them back into the water when they got back to land.
Fishing with Gigi
When we got back home she wanted the job of cleaning the boat. What a great helper!
Fishing with Gigi
We also took in a local festival amazing fireworks show. It really outdid the show we saw on Fourth of July. We were right under these fireworks.
Labor Day Fireworks Labor Day Fireworks Labor Day Fireworks
We also made sure to put new flowers on Mimi's and Uncle Scott's stones at the cemetery. Peanut helped me pick out all of the flowers for the arrangements.
New Flowers New Flowers for Mimi
Our visits always go so fast and we never get to see all of the people we want to see but we did have a great time!
Driving the Lawn Mower Fishing with Gigi Fishing with Gigi

Four Day Weekend

We headed north this past weekend since the girls and I had a 4 day weekend.  We spent the first half with Dobbie and Papa.  The girls got to have Dobbie and Papa to themselves on Friday since I was off tending to a new baby.  :)

Dobbie and the girls made a really neat card table playhouse.  How fun is this?
Making a Play House
Of course Peanut spent a lot of time with the chickens. She helped collect eggs and she even found an apple tree to pick apples from.
Picking Apples
The girls helped Dobbie make some incredible cookies to put in a care package for one of the cousins who is a college girl now and away from family.
Making Cookies with Dobbie
And they're favorite part of helping make cookies... Making Cookies with Dobbie
We had a great time with Dobbie and Papa. Then it was time to head to Gigi's.

A New Baby

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than a new life?  I can't get enough of it.  This past weekend we traveled north to visit family and so I could get my arms around a special new little person.  A very dear woman in my life is this sweet girl.  She was in our youth group when Daddy was a youth pastor and boy did she take up a part of my heart.  I just love her and now she is a new mama!  How awesome is that?  I am so proud of her and so incredibly excited at this new life that she and her husband have been blessed with.  Love them all!
IMG_3792 IMG_3794 IMG_3796 IMG_3798


So I am working at a preschool this year and so is one of my really good friends from church.  Our two littlest littles are going to the preschool too but are not in the same class.  BUT they do get to spend a lot of time together outside of class now as we are planning and such.  They are so stinking cute together, aren't they?

I am so thankful for strong friends for my kiddos!!!!

West Coast Friends

Last week we had some really close friends stop by for an overnight visit. We haven't seen them in over a year since they moved out to the west coast.  Unfortunately the woman of the house couldn't be with us as she was working.  She was greatly missed but still a really fun time was had!

Peanut had waited ALL DAY LONG at school to see these special friends.  We heard that she asked her teacher all day if it was time to go home yet.  They were there to meet her at the doors after school and she was so excited!
We took our friends to a "must go to legendary" pizza joint here in town.  YUM!
IMG_3754 IMG_3756
After pizza we let the kids run off their steam at one of the coolest and biggest playgrounds here in town before hitting up an ice cream place for dessert.
IMG_3771 IMG_3767
And of course, to end the night there was a MAD Settlers of Cataan tournament between these three.
Oh, how we love this family!!!!  So thankful for this time with part of them.