Sunday, August 11, 2013

Solar Lab

A few Saturdays ago the girls and I took the bus downtown to spend the afternoon.  We are quite the fans of riding the bus now, especially since our town put parking meters all over so you have to pay for parking.  We hit the university's observatory to see the sun.  They used a high powered telescope to project the sun onto a screen in a darkened room.  We watched as clouds floated in front of the sun and hid it from view.  Afterwards we headed upstairs to the top of the observatory where the 1,000 lb. telescope lives.  The girls got to move it and rotate the dome shaped roof.

Solar Lab at the Observatory Solar Lab at the Observatory Solar Lab at the Observatory 
There were also some activities for the kids to do. One of them was to make a UV bracelet. The beads are special beads that turn white when they are not in UV rays. As they are put in sunlight, they darken to different colors immediately. Solar Lab at the Observatory Solar Lab at the Observatory
 We spent some time at the library then hit up a local pizza joint downtown. Upon leaving the girls were ECSTATIC to see a snow cone truck. They split a cotton candy snow cone which was not up to their expectations. Better luck next time. Shaved Ice Sold from a food truck
We even mastered catching the bus home on this trip. What a fun lazy Saturday before school started for us!

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