Thursday, August 22, 2013


So a big change has taken place in our home.  Pumpkin is going to preschool and so is Mommy!  I am so excited that I was hired on to be an assistant teacher at Pumpkin's preschool.  I work the same days that she goes to school.  The preschool is an amazing place and I am just thrilled to be back working with kids.  Our first official day was Monday although we've been going in for two weeks now so I could help get things ready for the beginning of the year.
Pumpkin was so excited about going to preschool and having a teacher just like Peanut.  Two of her buddies from our church are in her class too so that was the icing on the cake for her.  We also discovered that Peanut's teacher's little girl is in Pumpkin's class too.  What a great year it will be!
Peanut is so happy that finally Pumpkin is going to school too.  It never seemed fair to her that she had to go but Pumpkin didn't.  Haha!
Each morning she has to sign herself in when she gets to preschool.  She is beginning to write her name all on her own and we are so proud of her!!!
These are her awesome teachers.  The teacher on the right is the main teacher and was also Peanut's teacher when she went to preschool here.  We love her!
How can it be possible that this little girl is in preschool already?  I can't even think or talk about what next year holds for her.  It makes me tear up.  This is my baby!  We are so proud of the little girl she is. She is a treasure to us!

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