Friday, August 02, 2013

More Birthday Celebration

Peanut's birthday has just spread out over a week.  How fun is that?  Dobbie was going to come down and celebrate with us on Saturday but Papa was sad about missing because he had to work.  She postponed to come on Thursday with Papa, so we celebrated again yesterday with them.  They took us out to a new favorite place of ours in town for lunch, Cheddar's.  Then we headed to a local playground and creek for some afternoon fun.  It was a gorgeous day that included the girls sliding down a cement hill into a stream.
Creek Sliding
Pumpkin wasn't too sure about it but Peanut had a ball.
Creek Sliding Creek Sliding Creek Sliding Creek Sliding
The sliding fun quickly ended when a snake was spotted swimming near the kiddos.  YIKES!
Creek Sliding
We headed up a trail to see a waterfall and play more in the stream.  We live in a really gorgeous area.  It's on days like this that I realize how I take it for granted and make promises to myself that we will get out and enjoy the natural beauty more often.
Creek Walking Creek Walking Creek Walking
We had to end our day out with a trip to THEE ice cream place. YUM! The Moose
I still have Peanut's 7 year old interview to post. I will get to that soon! We've just had so much fun celebrating this week. '

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