Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where We Are At

This past weekend Kev's extended family held a fundraiser walk/run for him before the annual family reunion to raise money for our family to help with transplant expenses when the time comes.  We were so blessed and touched that they would want to do this.  Upon just returning home from our weekend away, I feel that we need to update you on what is currently going on with Kev.

Kev's current kidney function is at around 19%.  He has been there now for two months.  This decrease in kidney function is a bittersweet thing.  We hate to see his function decrease but it does get the ball rolling down the path of finding a donor and getting on the organ donor list.  We have a list of 16 names hanging on our refrigerator right now.  They are the ones who have said, "I would be tested to see if you can use my kidney."  This amazes us and really blesses us in an indescribable way.  This is truly the gift of life.

We know that 5 people have been tested so far.  Of those 5 we know who 3 of them are and that they  were matches but there is one that is a really good match so far and they are continuing on with medical testing for this person.  There are a few more things this possible donor will have to do and if all comes back positive, we may have a donor already.

That being said, they will continue to test people who come forward who are willing to be tested.  As we understand it, people can be a good match, better match, or even best match.

Kev received a package in the mail this past week from the transplant hospital.  He will now need to have a blood draw every month that we UPS to the transplant hospital so they can keep track of his numbers.
He now goes at least 4 times a month for blood draws.  Sometimes they only take one vile of blood, sometimes they take lots.  He has said the needle doesn't even phase him anymore and the lab techs know who he is.

His next nephrologist appointment is in August and he will do a 24 hour test prior to that to get some more exact numbers to see where all of his levels are at.  We are so grateful for our wonderful nephrologist.  She is amazing.  I happened to run into her a few weeks ago with her kids at the library and she knew me right away.  After some small talk she asked me how Kev was and she knew that he was on her schedule to see the following week.  That meant so much to us!

We do feel like the whole process has sped up significantly.  A few months ago we were thinking the transplant could be as far off as 10 years but now we fee like we're talking about years, maybe even months.  We don't know for sure when it will happen but we trust God's timing and provision.  He has seen us through so many phases of life, He will see us through this too.

As far as how Kev is feeling, he has many good days, but every now and then a bad day will pop up.  They do come more frequently then they had been coming.  He gets really run down and just feels crappy.  We know to just let him sleep and rest as much as he can.  He still struggles with insomnia which is directly related to the kidney disease.  We are currently at 7 prescription drugs the he takes each day.  The pharmacists know who we are too.

And to end, here is a picture of Kev and the quilt his mom made for him to remember this past weekend.  Most of the family who were at the run/walk and reunion signed it.  It will be a part of our journey for sure!
I will post more pictures from the walk/run and reunion later.

Thank you all for your love, concern, and prayers.  It all means the world to us!

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Julie said...

Thank you for sharing, Mindy. We will be praying for Kevin and the girls and you during this time. A sweet young lady in the church I grew up in just donated her kidney to her father this past week. All is well so far. What love! What sacrifice! God is good. Keep us updated.